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Philippe Varnier has been in the Provence for more than 30 years and has a wide choice of high-quality antique doors with character.

Come and discover a selection of doors originating from the South of France:
  • room doors
    with either
    one or two panels,

  • doors for entrances,

  • built-in cupboards,

  • cupboards designed for wardrobes,
    as well as doors for corner furniture.
The doors have been restored in a tasteful and creative way. They date mainly from the 18th -century and are generally in walnut, a fine Provencal wood.

However, you will also be attracted by the elegant forms and magnificent finish of our antiques in cherry wood, oak or alder.


The authentic nature of this decorative furniture will greatly enhance the style of your interior design requirements.


Feel free to contact us to show all your models.

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